Gunton Park Residents Association

Gunton Old Hall by Valerie Shimmield with thanks for allowing reproduction on this site.


The Team


Chairman Kenny Harris

Secretary Kim Vincent

Treasurer Daphne Williams

Also Ray Adcock

Linda Seall

Kay Deer





Watch Scheme

Organised by Mr Chris Songer

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Your say


We all have opinions regarding the estate, what it was like, what it has become and perhaps more importantly what it will look like in years to come

Restrictive Covenants

There are things you must do and there are things you cannot do, all written into the deeds of your property, but do they actually mean anything. We will explore further on the Forum

Planning Department a Joke?

Do these people actually care about where we live?

Expert Advice

Had good work done by a trades person, why not share with us. Likewise been ripped off, get it off your chest, it just might prevent another resident getting a bad job done.




What does it cost to join?


Up to June 2016 the cost of membership has been £1 per household, and it has been that for as long as anyone can remember, but things change and in order to maintain the Association in a viable format it has been necessary to raise the cost of membership to £2 per annum per household as from June 2016. Bearing in mind the savings that are possible on just one day trip and the work that goes on in dealing with the local councils, highways etc it is very good value.


NEW members are welcome and you can join by contacting any Committee member who will pass on your interest to our Treasurer Mrs Daphne Williams.You can also use our contact form